School PTO Dance Theme Ideas

how to plan a school dance

School dances are great PTO fundraisers and are fun for students & staff.  Looking for some fun dance theme ideas for your community center or organization? Keep reading to see what to look for in your dance invitations, flyers, posters and tickets. Browse through our suggestions for the best school dance theme ideas.

How to Pick the Best Dance Flyers Templates

Planning any event can be stressful and requires planning and organization.  Make your life simpler by picking an editable template for your school PTO PTA or PTC dance flyers that have space for your information. Some bundles even include traditional 5x7 invitations and extras like social media templates, tickets and half sheet take home flyers to get pre-sales on your tickets.

Consider whether you plan to post your event on social media. If so, try to pick a template that includes a social template that works for your event and organization. 

The most obvious things to look for are templates that have space for your date, time, and details. Do you want to add detailed information like parking info or a dinner menu? If so, look for a dance invitation template that has as much editable space as possible.

PRO TIP: Watch out for editable flyer & ticket templates that have a limit on the number of downloads you can get! The reality is, despite your best effort, details change. Having to pay more to download your edited templates when that happens is a waste of money. Plus, who doesn't want to recycle amazing flyers and printables in the future without having to purchase them again!

Tickets for Your School Dance

how to pick the best dance theme


Tickets are a great way to ensure that everyone attending your daddy daughter dance, mom and me, or holiday themed dance have a keepsake from your big event. Bonus ~ you have an easy way to identify those who have purchased dance tickets and those who haven't.

You can sell the tickets early for a discounted price and increase the price at the door. From a busy event coordinator perspective it's a win-win. You have a better idea of pre-sale quantity and you can make a little extra for the folks that purchase tickets upon entry.

Fun and Original Dance Theme Ideas

There are so many unique themes that you can choose from for your school dance. Whether you are planning a holiday dance, Daddy-Daughter Dance, Fall Festival or period dance theme like a decade dance or country western the options are endless.

Here are some of my favorite editable dance flyer bundles for your school or community center dance.

Period Dance Themes

The popularity and timelessness of period themed dances make them a great option for your School PTO fundraising event!

80's Retro Themed Dance Party

80s themed dance idea

This fun 80s decade dance theme is all about the retro, bright colors and skating that 1980's were known for. One of my favorite things about this particular dance set is that it's 100% editable! Yep, even the graphics can be moved if you want or need to make more space.

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 5x7 Invitation with a fun tye dye back and a 2 per page template to save some money when you print your invitations!

FUN TIP: Use the 5x7 invitation for an 80s or 90s birthday party invite!

Daddy Daughter Disco Dance

Daddy daughter dance idea

The 70's and disco era are a fun and easy way to throw a memorable and bright colored dance around Father's Day. This is a great way to get more Dads involved in your school events and also allows students to bring any male that is special to them.

Want to have a Disco themed dance that isn't specifically for a Daddy Daughter event? No worries! This Bundle allows you to edit ALL of the text.

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 5x7 Invitation, Square Social Media Template to advertise your event PLUS an editable ticket template! Literally everything you need to plan an out of this world Disco Dance Party.

Boots & Beauties Country Western Dance

country western barn dance idea

Who doesn't love a good barn wood, country western dance? Growing in popularity, the old west themed dance party idea is one of my favorites. This is the perfect theme to pick if you want your dance to be more casual.

This theme adorable with fireflies, mason jar lights, string lights, western boots and horseshoes with a barn wood background. One of my favorite things about this particular bundle is you can change ALL of the text. So, if you wanted to have a Country Western Barn Dance and ditch the daddy-daughter themed boots and beauties, you can do that!

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 1/2 Sheet Take Home Flyer with Pre-Order detachable slip at the bottom, PLUS an editable ticket template!

Seasonal Dance Themes

One easy way to do a fundraiser and take advantage of the many holidays throughout the year is host a Holiday Dance Party! Whether it's Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer or a specific holiday there are tons of options for your editable templates. Here are my top 3!

Halloween Costume Dance Party

Halloween Dance Theme Ideas

What better way to celebrate in October than hosting a Halloween dance? Costumes can be optional which will work for all of your attendees. School or community dances are a great way to bring your neighborhood together and celebrate one of the most popular Fall holidays!

The Halloween Costume Dance Party Bundle includes everything you need to host an easy and fun fundraiser!

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 1/2 Sheet Take Home Flyer with extra space at the bottom, PLUS an editable ticket template!

Fall Ball Formal Dance

Fall Ball Dance Idea

One of the best parts of hosting a Fall Ball is this formal school dance or community dance idea can happen anytime during the fall season! You can really dress it up and go formal or choose to do a "come as you are" themed dance.

Want to make it a festival fundraiser? Include a pumpkin patch, hayrides, turkey dinner or bring in food trucks! You can even include face painting and carnival games.

One of the best ideas for hosting a Fall Ball can be found in this Bundle which includes everything you need to host your fall fundraiser!

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 1/2 Sheet Take Home Flyer with extra space at the bottom, PLUS 2 - yes, that's right, TWO editable ticket templates! One is formatted for a raffle ticket and the other for your entry ticket!

Butterfly Kisses Daddy Daughter Dance

butterfly kisses dance theme

You can celebrate Father's Day with a Daddy Daughter Dance that will give all of the kids a reason to dress up and show off the important male figure in their life! Butterfly kisses is a fun and elegant theme for a daddy daughter dance idea.

The Butterfly Kisses Dance Theme Bundle includes everything you need to host the best Father's Day, or any time of year dance!

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 1/2 Sheet Take Home Flyer with extra space at the bottom, PLUS an editable ticket template!

Have Fun With Dance Theme Ideas

As you plan your dance, whether it's for your school PTO, PTA or community center just have fun with it. There is always room for a little dancing in everyone's life. 

Choose a DJ or prepare a playlist ahead of time for your event. Be sure to include lots of upbeat music to get people moving. Place your slow dances strategically in your playlist!

Don't forget to be sure to have plenty of water available for your guests. It's exhausting when everyone is having a great time!

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the party!

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