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easy sports fundraisers

If you are looking for sports fundraising ideas and are tired of chocolate bar sales, catalog sales and carwash fundraisers... this creative fund raiser idea is for you!

Sports Fundraising Idea

We have all been there. Your kids baseball, football or cheerleading team is looking for fund raiser ideas.

Typically it looks something like this.

  • First, you take your kids around to every place you can imagine trying to help them raise money for new gear, competition travel, the team's end of season party and awards.
  • Next, you ask everyone you know at work, in your community, neighbors, family and friends to help out. 
  • Then, you wait for the orders come in and deliver them to everyone.
  • Finally, you have a handful of orders (hopefully not too many) that you can't seem to get delivered no matter how hard you try!
  • Then you have the harsh realization that all of effort trying to raise money only brought in about 10% of what you actually collected.

Youth sports fundraisers can be exhausting!

Cash Calendar Fundraiser

Here's the solution to raising money for youth sports fundraising ideas!

The easiest fundraiser you will ever run is the Cash Calendar fundraiser!

It requires very little work and 100% of the money you raise goes straight to your team or athlete!

No more delivering things to people, ordering products you don't really want or need and it's so simple to coordinate.

The best part is, everyone gets to contribute to the cause directly. After all, that's what they really want to do in the end.

 Interested? Here's how it works...

How To Do A Cash Calendar Fundraiser

If you are curious about how a cash calendar fundraiser works, here it is.

  • First, find a cash calendar template that you like. Pick one that is editable so you can match your team or school colors to the fundraiser template. You can even find one for your specific sport!
  • Next, go ahead and edit your template. You can get a simpler version that is a calendar with how it works printed on it or you can choose a premium cash calendar that has a space for a picture of your athlete.
  • You can do one month, two or as many as your organization or team chooses. For example, a student council chose to do a cash calendar fundraiser and ran it for the duration of the school year.
    • It's also an easy fundraising idea for your school PTA. What better way to raise money than to get all of the PTA moms out there helping you with it!
  • Then, gather donations based on the dates that are selected by people who want to help you raise money.

For example: If I choose the 5th of November to support Johnny, he writes my name in on November 5th and I give him $5. Or, I can choose to sponsor him for more than one date. Let's say I choose to sponsor Johnny on the 15th and the 10th. He writes my name in on those dates and I give him $25.

It's that simple!

The best part of this fundraiser is everyone can donate! If money is tight they can choose to "sponsor" your athlete for the 1st of a month. 

Cash Calendar Variations

Here are some examples of how a cash calendar fundraiser works and how much you can make doing one.

Pick A Day to Donate Calendar

If you aren't looking to raise thousands of dollars and are just trying to cover the costs for your end of season banquet, awards, certificates, coaches gifts and sports banquet food this may be the best option for you.

When you set up the rules for the fundraiser the limit per day for a donation is one. So, in other words, once Mr. Wilson chooses the 1st of October, that date is no longer available.

If you choose the one donation per day option your potential fundraising possibility in a month with 30 days would be $465 per athlete.

softball fundraiser ideas  

Softball Fundraiser

Let's look at bigger picture now. If you are the coach or team mom looking for a softball fundraiser idea, the average number of players on a softball team is 13. That means a one per day cash calendar fundraiser with 13 players could bring in up to $6,045. You could throw a pretty amazing end of season party with that amount of money and cater the food.

football fundraiser ideas

Football Fundraising Idea

Now, let's apply that same idea for a football fundraiser. The average football team has 23 players. If you did a one per day cash calendar fundraiser with 23 players you could bring in up to $10,695. Yep, that's a lot of money!

The best part is, there's room for players that aren't able to get as many sales and still hit your fundraising goal.

Now, let's explore another way to run your cash calendar fundraiser.

Multiple Donations Per Calendar Day

This version of the cash calendar fundraiser is the same idea as one per day but you set a higher limit on the number of donations per day.

baseball fundraising idea

Baseball Fundraiser

For these examples we will set the limit at 5 per day to keep it simple.

Ok, all you team moms out there looking for a baseball fundraiser this one is for you. The average high school baseball team has 17 players on the roster.

So, if your team has 17 athletes and you set the limit to 5 per day each baseball player would have the potential to raise up to $2,325 if they fill their calendar. Now, multiply that times the seventeen athletes and your team could raise up to $39,525.

  cheerleading fundraiser idea

Cheerleading fundraisers would bring in a similar amount with an average of 13 cheerleaders on a squad and the potential for $30,225 coming in.

This is a great idea when you want to figure out how to fundraise for competitive teams that travel!

Let's use another example to make sure we're on the same page.

dance fundraiser idea

Dance Team Fundraising

If you are a dance instructor or dance mom fundraising for travel to dance competition that can be VERY expensive (been there... done that). The cost of costumes, travel, hotel and food adds up fast.

Using the same parameters of 5 donations per calendar day in a month with 30 days here's what that looks like for a large dance team.

Let's say you are fundraising for your large dance team, small groups, four trios and all of your solos come from within those groups. You may be traveling with 20-30 dancers. We will use 25 for this calculation.

Twenty five dancers with a limit of 5 donations per calendar day with 30 days in the month would bring in up to $58,125.

Now, keep in mind, all of these calculations are for one month of fundraising. Which leads us to the final variation that will be covered in this post.

Seasonal Fundraisers

Here's how a seasonal fundraiser works. You run your cash calendar fundraiser for the duration of your season. In other words, you could raise money for the months you team or squad starts and when the season ends.

How Much Money Can You Make on a 31 day Calendar Fundraiser?

Are you looking for a unique and effective way to raise funds for your organization or cause? A Fill the Calendar fundraiser might be just what you need. This innovative fundraising event allows you to generate income by selling dates on a calendar. But how much can you actually make with this type of fundraiser? Let's break it down.

How does a Fill the Calendar fundraiser work?

In a Fill the Calendar fundraiser, you create a calendar with dates available for purchase. Each date represents a donation amount, and individuals or businesses can choose a date and make a corresponding donation. The goal is to fill every date on the calendar, maximizing your fundraising potential.

How much can you make?

The amount you can make with a Fill the Calendar fundraiser depends on several factors, including the number of dates available, the donation amounts assigned to each date, and the level of participation from your community. Let's look at some examples based on different scenarios:

Maximizing your earnings

To maximize your earnings with a Fill the Calendar fundraiser, it's essential to promote the event effectively. Utilize social media, email newsletters, and word-of-mouth to spread the word about your fundraiser. Encourage participants to share their involvement and invite others to join in. The more people you can reach, the greater your chances of filling the calendar and surpassing your fundraising goals.

Remember, the examples provided are just that—examples. Your actual earnings will depend on the specific details of your fundraiser. However, with careful planning, promotion, and community involvement, a Fill the Calendar fundraiser has the potential to be a highly successful and lucrative fundraising option for your organization or cause.

how much money can you make on a 31 day calendar fundraiser?

Easy Fundraiser Idea

There are so many ways to run an easy fundraiser but doing a cash calendar fundraiser is by far one of the easiest ways to raise money for your team or athletic club.

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