Best Fundraiser Ideas for Busy Event Planners

Best fundraiser ideas

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Best Easy Fundraiser Ideas For School PTO PTA

Trying to find unique fundraising ideas that help you raise money fast? The key is to pick a fundraiser that your potential participants will be in to. Whether you are raising money for school, kids, sports, charity or a non profit organization planning a money making fundraiser doesn't have to be stressful!

Keep reading for 13 ways to raise money for your school PTO, PTA or team fundraiser!

Bingo Night Fundraiser

bingo night fundraiser

You may be thinking that hosting a bingo night sounds like a LOT of work. In reality, it's pretty simple. The best part of a Bingo Night Fundraising event is it's cheap and easy.

If you are raising money for your school PTO or PTA the cafeteria is a great place to host your Bingo Fundraiser. The tables are perfect for attendees to daub their bingo cards and eat a spaghetti dinner or snacks that are provided as a part of the event.

Want to have a good estimate on the number of participants or limit how many people attend due to space or resource limitations? Sell tickets to your event. This will allow you to know exactly how many people are planning to come.

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 8x10 Sign, 5x7 Invitation and 2.5x4 tickets so you can send your invitations however you like!

Use the formal invitation for administrators, board members, and staff. You can send the flyers out digitally and post on social media to draw a big crowd!

Check out one of these other fun Bingo Night Event Bundles and get your creative juices flowing!

How to Host A Fun Run or 5K 10K Color Run Fundraiser

fun run fundraiser flyercolor run fundraiser flyer

When you're picking a fundraiser for your organization definitely consider adding a fun run or color run event to your annual fundraising efforts!

Hosting a 5k or 10k run or walkathon is a great way to raise money for your school PTO or neighborhood HOA.

The best part is, kids and pets have the ability to participate as well making this a great idea for an annual event that everyone looks forward to! Another bonus to hosting a walkathon or active event is the cost is really low. 

So, regardless of whether you're a new organization trying to raise money or an event planner looking for a fun new event to add this year, you'll love it!

Included in this Bundle: 11x14 Poster, 8.5x11 Flyer, 1/2 Sheet Take Home Flyer and 2 per page template for take home flyers!

Be sure to include water stations along the path for your activity. If you want assistance from your local police department, just clear the path that you have planned with them prior to the event. 

Want to add some competition to your event? Get donations from local businesses as prizes for the top 5 participants.

Cash Calendar Fundraiser

Cash Calendar Fundraiser baseball fundraiser idea sports fundraiser

Cash calendar fundraiser is a cheap and easy fundraising idea that works great for any sports team, school PTO, PTA or group.

There are tons of options for how you run this unique fundraiser. Choose to sell actual calendars, or you can literally have donors pick a date to donate. Kids can get donations for multiple days or individual from each pledge to donate.

How it works: Let's say I choose to pick the 10th and 25th to donate to little "Sarah". I am pledging to donate $35 to her fundraising efforts. The idea is to fill up the calendar.

If your sport runs August through November, you can do the fundraiser for all four months, a few months or just one. This is a great fundraising idea for competitive teams that have high travel and competition costs to cover.

See more cash calendar fundraiser templates here! Some bundles include space for a picture and some don't. Just pick the one that works best for you!

Bake Sale Fundraiser

bake sale fundraiser spring bake sale st patricks day bake sale

Bake sales have been around for ages and they are still a great money maker for non profit organizations, churches, charity, and school PTO or sports teams.

When picking a bake sale fundraiser template be sure to choose a design that is editable and leaves room for all of your details. Some flyer templates even have room for meeting dates, competition dates or organization information.

The best part about baked goods fundraising is the food is donated and it requires very low manpower to run. This is a great fundraiser for small PTO or PTA groups with low membership or participation.

See more bake sale fundraiser templates here!

Remember that all text being editable on your flyer templates gives you more flexibility. Pick the flyer template that works best for you!

Holiday Breakfast Fundraiser

Breakfast with Easter bunny fundraiser Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser

If you're looking for a fun fundraiser that kids will love definitely go for a holiday breakfast fundraiser!

There are options for every holiday that are popular and bring in a lot of cash for your charity or organization.

One of my favorites is a Breakfast with the Easter Bunny or Pancakes with Santa fundraiser. This is a popular event for kids and families that has the potential to be your biggest fundraiser of the year.

Planning this event is easy if you have a team that can divide and conquer. One person can oversee all of the marketing for your event. Designate a volunteer or member to coordinate the featured guest (Easter Bunny, Santa, Elves, etc.). Have a member of the committee or volunteer oversee any other activities for the event. And most important, pick who will plan the meal.

Some other ideas to bring in for your school or church fundraiser are face painting, games, seasonal activities like a pumpkin patch or cookie decorating table. You can also include small competitions and a picture taking element to raise even more funds at your event!

Browse holiday fundraising ideas here! There are so many ideas to see. Just pick one that you are excited about and run with it!

Candy Grams Fundraiser | Holiday Grams

valentine grams fundraiser Easter candy gram fundraiser st patricks day fundraiser

A popular fundraiser for school PTO, sports teams and the office is a candy gram fundraiser. Most often a candy gram is purchased along with a small treat to be delivered on behalf of the sender.

There are tons of variations on this. Valentine's grams are popular with chocolate, sweethearts or even flowers. 

You have tons of flexibility in how you set up your fundraiser. Just be sure to have a plan for who will deliver the grams, when and how that will happen.

If you need a cheap and easy fundraiser - this is a winner!


You'll find loads of options for Easter grams ideas, candy grams fundraiser, valentine candy gram, and so many Valentine's gram ideas! Whether you're after Christmas grams or any holiday grams, it's all here!

Make an even bigger impact by choosing candy gram ideas that come with a flyer to promote your candy fundraiser!

Check out some popular candy gram fundraisers here! There are so many ideas to see. Just pick one that you are excited about and run with it!

Garage or Yard Sale

neighborhood garage sale flyer easy fundraising idea yard sale fundraiser

Hosting a yard sale or garage sale as a fundraiser can be a lot of work on the day of the event. You can save yourself a lot of frustration and unnecessary planning time by selling items based on a grouping or category.

Pricing your sale items by category (clothing, jackets, small appliances, books, movies, etc.) will spare you sitting and pricing every item.

Advertise for donations as you prepare for your garage sale. Have some tables and boxes ready for sorting items into as they arrive. Individually price specialty or high ticket items. 

Believe it or not the little things add up and quick and you will be shocked at how much you can make at a garage sale.

The best part is you can feel great about doing something good for the environment and community at the same time.

School Carnival or Community Carnival

school carnival fundraiser flyer carnival fundraiser flyer

If you're looking for a fun and unique fundraiser, a carnival is the way to go!

School Carnival or Community Festival Fundraisers are huge moneymakers. This is a fun fundraiser idea with so many choices for activities for kids and adults, food fundraisers, food trucks, games, face painting, presentations and fun competitions really pays off.

The bigger you can make it, the more people will come as a family night event. This is a great way to get the whole community involved in raising money for your organization.

Key things to remember when planning a carnival fundraising event:

- charge a space fee for outside vendors (don't shortchange yourself)

- accept donations at a designation station in the carnival

- run as many booths as you can within your organization

- ask your band or choir to perform for entertainment

- host a talent show at your carnival

- include activities for kids of all ages

Hosting a carnival can be a lot of work but it's totally worth it! You will find that the community will love it so much it will become an annual event!

Host A Skills Camp Fundraiser

basketball camp fundraising idea tennis fundraising idea  soccer fundraiser

One amazing way to make money for your athletic club or team is to host a skills camp. There is the potential to bring in a lot of cash and build the confidence of your team at the same time. 

If your sports team is high school or college age, consider breaking the athletes out into position groups. The more specific skills you can teach, the more fun everyone will have and the more money you will make!

TIP: Bring in alumni or a guest coach to teach specific skills to the entire group. Maybe they come in as a guest speaker. This adds credibility to your skills camp.

How long to run your athletic skills camp. You have several options and could test the interest by hosting a weekend sports camp fundraiser. Then, host a spring break camp fundraiser ultimately building up to a summer skills camp fundraising event. 

What better way to make money than capitalize on the skills that your team already has, build more awareness and support around your organization and potentially gain the interest of new recruits!

Offer certificates and a scrimmage at the end of your camp to invite guests to see what everyone learned!

Sports Fundraising Ideas

cheerleading fundraiser idea lacrosse fundraiser idea volleyball fundraising ideas

If your team is looking for a way to raise money for new uniforms, travel for competition, or improving your facilities a sports festival is a great way to raise money fast!

Have everyone on the team participate in a photo booth, game stations, face painting, arts & crafts tables and include a lunch or dinner with admittance.

For food, go with a casual BBQ dinner, spaghetti meal or seek out donations from local restaurants. 

Include a demonstration by the team or a video of highlight reels to show during the event.

Charge for your athletic fundraiser per person or per family!

Host an Educational Event

family literacy night flyer math night fundraiser

Hosting a family math night, literacy night, or educational fundraiser is a great way to highlight educational initiatives and bring your school or community together.

You can display student work, include artwork, host a poem reading event, or even use this as an opportunity to have an art auction. Show off the amazing work your students are capable of and bring in families for a parent engagement activity.

Want to have fun with this? Consider hosting a book sale fundraiser with your literacy night. Include CTE (career & technical education) stations to show how your students knowledge can propel them through life.

This makes a great classroom event as well!

Summer Camp Fundraiser

 Summer art camp performing arts camp flyer cheer camp flyer template

There are so many summer camp ideas that would be a great fundraiser for your school, community or non profit organization.

Bring a useful and fun skillset to your community and help your organization raise money for a great cause! The possibilities are endless with a summer camp fundraiser idea.

Offering full day, half day or even evening summer camps is an easy way to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. It does require some planning and coordination, but this could be a huge moneymaker for your team, club or organization.

The best part of camp fundraisers is you can run them for a week, month or the whole summer. It's totally up to you and what your organization can handle!

Sell Tickets for a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

pancake breakfast fundraiser pancake breakfast fundraising flyer editable pancake fundraiser tickets

Browse the collection of our favorite Breakfast Fundraiser Ideas

Hosting an annual pancake breakfast is a fun way to raise money for your athletic club, sports team, school, or academic team.

The best part is you have so many options for how to host a pancake fundraiser. You can raise money for your team by hosting a breakfast or brunch fundraising event. Host it at your school or at a local restaurant.

Want to really mix it up? Try having a pancake dinner fundraiser!

These templates are amazing because ALL of the text is editable. Just customize your fundraising flyer and ticket templates and you're set!

If you have social media be sure to pick an editable fundraiser flyer template that includes a square social media template!

Easy Fundraiser Flyer Templates

easy fundraising events

If you're looking for a fundraiser idea that your organization and community will love be sure to stop by and browse through templates at Simple Desert Designs!

You won't be sorry! There are a TON of resources there for busy event planners, busy PTA leaders, room moms and business owners.

You Make a Difference Everyday!

Simple Desert Designs is focused on providing affordable solutions for busy event planners, school PTO, PTA, PTC leaders, church, neighborhood and community leaders. Our editable and printable templates have no limit on downloads so you can adjust them and use your design year after year.

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