FAQs/Quick Edit Tips


First, be sure you are logged in to the website. You'll get instant access to your downloads and any updates we make to your templates with no expirtation!

Didn't create an account? It's not too late!

Look in your email and search for "Simple Desert Designs". Most of the time lost emails from us are a result of your settings thinking it's spam due to the attachment.

No. Your design is editable using Canva’s free web-based program.  Just follow the link provided, create your free account and start editing your template!

YES!  The beauty of all of our templates is that they can be accessed, downloaded & edited on any device. See the support center topics below for both PC/MAC and Mobile Device instructions.

Your purchase is available immediately after purchase. No waiting necessary!

Look at the description of your template to see what elements are editable.  Editable elements can be moved, adjusted, deleted or replaced. Canva has thousands of free elements you can use in any template.  Elements include graphics, images, fonts and more!

Yes! We provide customization on all products in our store.  To add customization that is done for you, purchase the template you want customized and add the appropriate customization listing.  Just search “Customize” in the Search Bar.

No. Unlike most other editing programs and companies you are able to download your completed project as many times as you like!  

When you complete your purchase you will receive a link to your editable template.  You can access your customized version of your template as many times as you like with no expiration. The initial access can only be granted to one IP Address.

Yes, elements can be added to any template in our store. You also have the ability to swap out editable elements with your own.

All templates are ready for you to use with no additional cost.  Sometimes, you may want to change the theme, graphics or fonts.  While there are hundreds of thousands of free elements available, sometimes your heart is set on a premium one.  No worries! Canva allows you to pay a small fee to download your design with premium elements! Premium elements are signified with a crown next to them.  This is a special option that gives some flexibility if you are wanting more freedom with your design.