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Easy Fundraiser Ideas for Schools: PTO PTA PTC Fundraising Event Ideas

Every event planner wants to host the most amazing events for your school, church, neighborhood or even community center. Regardless of what organization you are planning an event for there is a lot to consider.

Planning an event for your school PTO or any organization can be stress city!

The joy of watching all of your hard work come together for a fun and enjoyable event that also serves as an  amazing fundraiser is amazing!

Here are some fun and easy fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Simple Desert Designs fundraising ideas for School PTO PTA PTC leaders, non profit, charity and athletic organizations. Fundraiser flyers, posters, signs, and social media templates to market and advertise your fundraising event.

Fundraising is usually tied to most events in some way, shape or form. Even if you're planning a community event that is totally free, these easy event planning ideas will have you running an amazing dance, festival, fun run or social event in no time!

Food Fundraising Event Ideas

pancake fundraiser ideas

Pancake Fundraiser

Pancake Fundraisers are a great way to bring a group of people together to support a cause, raise money for competition, travel or to fund a project. It's also a great way to create awareness of your group, team or organization.

Pancake Breakfast fundraisers take a little more work than some fundraisers but have the potential to bring in a lot of money.

Typically your breakfast would consist of pancakes, a protein like a sausage patty or bacon strips, coffee, water and sometimes a fresh fruit. The cost of this breakfast is VERY LOW so you just need to find a place to host it. The easiest and most ideal option is your cafeteria. If you want to branch out, tap into local restaurants.

Pancake fundraising breakfasts are a great place to put all of the members of the group to work to serve the breakfast, bus tables and one of the adults is able to receive money for drop ins, tips and donations.

parent engagement idea

Pastries With Parents

Hosting a Pastries with Parents is a great way to incorporate whatever baked goods you have access to. Another great thing about this fundraising event is it allows students to bring their parents without the popular designations of Mom & Dad. 

Oftentimes this type of event will be held as an opportunity to reach out to families and doesn't hold a fundraising element for the event itself. This is a great place to put out membership information and let families know how they can help out.

donuts with grownups

Donuts With Grownups

This easy fundraiser idea is growing in popularity very quickly. When you're looking for an event that brings people together and is inclusive, this is a GREAT idea!

So many kids are being raised by people other than their biological parents. Donuts with Grownups is inclusive of whomever is caring for a child with no gender bias or social boundaries attached.

For kids that may have some hesitation to participate in a Pastries with Parents, Donuts with Grownups doesn't hold the same stigma.

You can hold this as an informational opportunity, back to school event, end of school celebration, or for no special reason at all!

Muffins with Mom

Muffins With Mom

You can host a Muffins with Mom event anytime you want to bring your moms together in your organization.

This is a fabulous way to celebrate Mother's Day! Make it a little more inclusive by adding a note that Grandmas, Aunts, and any special woman is welcome to attend with the student!

This is a very easy school PTO event idea that has minimal cost. Get some donuts from a local vendor. Be sure to tell them who you're with and see if they would be willing to give you a discount. Make some coffee, have water bottles and voila! You can even add some healthier options like fresh fruit or granola bars.

Want to take your parent engagement activity to the next level? Try adding a game with a prize at the end or give out a carnation to every woman that attends with the student.

Donuts with Dad

Donuts With Dad

This simple fundraising idea is much like Muffins with Mom, just the male version. Hosting a Donuts with Dad is a fun way to get more Dads involved if that's something you struggle with. It's also a great way to celebrate Dad on or near Father's Day!

Keep it more inclusive by welcoming Grandpas, Uncles and other influential men in a student's life. 

Increase Participation in Your School PTO

Anyone who's run a PTO, PTA or PTC knows keeping people involved and having a team of parents that you can rely on is not easy. There's really no "secret sauce" on how to get parents and families to participate in the PTO.

What you can do is be genuine, provide opportunities for people to help however they can and hold activities and meetings on a regular basis so families, administration, teaching staff and support staff trust you.

Remember, you don't have to make everything grand. Just do what you can and whenever you get another helper it can get a little bit better. With time, you will build an organization that is a well oiled machine that never lacks support and enthusiastic workers.

Membership Drive Flyer

Easy School PTO, PTA, PTC Fundraising Events

If you're looking for fun and easy events for your school PTO, church, community or neighborhood group, pick something that your membership can manage.

If you are using the event as a membership drive and are running low on regular participants just scale the event back a bit. Very small teams can accomplish a LOT when they work together and plan. 

Don't forget to tap into local businesses that would be willing to give you a discount on the items you need. At the end of the day remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and that your event could have a profound impact on someone that really needs it!

Penny War Easy Fundraiser Idea

You Make a Difference Everyday!

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